„...if you follow every dream, you might get lost ...“


(neil young)

4.7.2016                                    we had a great gig at the  STEP in february. so we            

                                                  decided, to move on quickly. so here is our next gig:

                                                  we play at minigolflounge FREILUFT in ossiach / austria

                                                  on the 26th of august / 20:00. some fresh young songs

                                                  will be with us, and some friends will join in for a few

                                                  songs. any weather will make this a great evening

                                                  for us all. be one of us! see you!

02.11.2015                                the next gig! feels like a tour, already! we play at STeP in

                                                  völkermarkt on fr., the 5th of february 2016 . this is a

                                                  great venue. it will hopefully a great evening. we´ll play

                                                  some „new“ neil-songs, too ....

14.12.2014                                yee-haw! we are proud to pronounce our new high-score

                                                  in gigging with this band „cortez tequila“. with our

                                                  upcoming concert on december the 20th at

                                                  lendhafencafe / klagenfurt / austria we will have 2 gigs

                                                  that year!!! that is an increase of 50 percent in

                                                  comparison with 2013! we´re on our way!!! be there!

8.1.2014                                    martin has a new blues junior tweed amp, and my one        

                                                  (hansis) has a jensen speaker inside now. the sound of

                                                  the guitars now really melts together in the way, we    

                                                  wanted it. you can hear it in the cut of „cortez the killer“

                                                  from our last rehersal at the music page of the



11.10.2013                                just set up this little hompage at my parents house in            

                                                  flattach. first try with a silly program. but fun. now we

                                                  ´re going to check some gigs, and hit the road

                                                  ( a little).

10.10.2013                               why should anybody try to play neil youngs music?

                                                 its a privat and personally coloured music, and played

                                                 by the author himself as pure and intense as possible.

                                                 so why should we go out there, and lose?       

                                                 because, it´s so much fun, to play that songs,

                                                 that inwardly we only can win.

                                                „ ... don´t judge yourself to harsh, my love.

                                                or someday you might find your soul endangered ... „

                                                we won´t think twice. we just want to rock.

                                                and have fun.

                                                and get a little lost ....

10.10.2013                              our first gig at eboardmuseum / klagenfurt / austria was

                                                weird, but great. jim, our special guest,  was sick, and    

                                                could not play. so we     

                                                had to do it without him ... we had almost 180 people in

                                                the audience, and there were a lot of real insiders. we

                                                played for almost 3 hours, where very nerveous, did a lot

                                                of crazy accidents, but came out happy in our hearts.

                                                since then, we had a gig at martin´s and natascha´s

                                                hoffest, which was fun, but had no audience exept some

                                                friends, chickens, goats, sheeps and millions of flies. right

                                                now we set the whole thing on cross-coutry-tyres and

                                                make it run. we´ll do some rehearsing, and go on the

                                                road, to play every respectful venue, we can get. hope to

                                                see you there. we´ll do our best! yeeee-haw!